Josephine Telfer - Visual Artist

Josephine Telfer - Visual Artist Image

Josephine Telfer lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. She was born on Kangaroo Island, off the mainland of Southern Australia, and grew up with an intimate connection to the untouched natural world.

During the many years of her art practice she has worked in different art forms. The exploration of the moving image in video has developed as the result of her recently completed doctorate.

In her poetic videos she has explored the concept of transcendence, often using multiple layers to create an imagined reality, beginning with footage and photographs taken in the natural world. Her immersive videos create places of dreaming that take the viewer to imagined places, far removed from the often mundane nature of contemporary life.

Josephine explored creative process and creative block in her doctorate research. For many years her art was interrupted, when she became primary carer for family members with major health difficulties. As a result of interviewing fifty artists, and her own experiences of creative block, a unique view of addressing the blocks of life has been explored. A book making the findings of her research available to a wider audience will be published in the near future.